Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Official Announcement: Survival Idle

          Today I posted on the forums with the official announce for the game, which can be read here. Here's a copy-paste of the post for those of you who are feeling lazy today.

          Hey ya’ll, after a few weeks of contemplating the design, artwork, gameplay, and plan for release of this project I’m finally ready to announce that Survival Idle will be released between December 21st and December 24th. Optimally I would like to release it on December 21st but it really depending on how long testing and polishing the game takes. I would much rather released a well-polished game with close to no bugs than the opposite.
          Survival Idle is a pixel-art, peaceful, atmospheric Idle game with artwork inspired by danielben’s I Wish I Were the Moon . You will be able to both actively and passively play this game as you try to thrive out in the wilderness. 
          The game will recognize you differently based on whether you’re new or if you already have a save fileand you will be able to play as either a Male or a Female (Innovative). You will be out in the woods and have to thrive in your surroundings. Collective food, water, and supplies in order to upgrade your humble abode, supplies area, as well as yourself and quite possibly a feather-y pet you might find! Take some food and water with you and head on an adventure to a throwback-location in order to gain more supplies.
          You will be totally control of how you would like to play the game. You can decide to have minimal active participation and passively gather resources, or actively chose what upgrades you want to shoot for and shape the way you play the game. There’s also tons of video-game pop-culture references throughout the game so keep an eye out. 
          The following is a mock-up sceenshot I made last week. The game will not look exactly like this upon release, but this should give you a feeling for it.

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