Saturday, December 21, 2013

Survival Idle Nearing Completion

          With less than two days left in my deadline we're right on track with where we need to be to have this game released on Kongregate in time. At this moment we're working on adding the music, credits, and soon after adding Kongregate api. We'll have have a whole day to polish out things that we may have missed and we'll be in the clear from there!
          At this moment I'm actually working on the post for KCG about the game (and also a walkthrough) that will be made public once the game also goes public. The plan is to release the game on Kongregate and in about a week or so release it on the mochi-network. The game probably won't perform well on mochi-network though since Idle games are fairly Kongregate exclusive.
          In any case, I better get back to work. I really can't wait for release!

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