Monday, December 23, 2013

Plans for Re-launch

          Survival Idle is still live and is going to be kept live, but sometime in early January we plan on re-launching the game and taking a different approach. We're going to plan on adding new game modes and content to it on a regular basis and make it more "Anti-Idle"-like. There were also a ton of bugs and problems people were having upon release that didn't get fixed because the developer I work with lives in a different time zone so that really hurt the games initial rating. The game is at around a 3.4 and slowly dropping.
          This really isn't about the rating as much as it is about the amount of plays the game will get. Unfortunately, your game pretty much needs to maintain a 3.5+ rating on Kongregate to get any decent plays (Unless it's a promoted game). I'm hoping that with the new game modes and overall changes we make that the game will be better conceived.

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