Monday, December 16, 2013

"Survival Idle" and overcoming challenges

          This project has been a mess so far and has has more downs than ups. Some of you know about this project, some of you don't, but I'll start from a clean slab for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about. "Survival Idle", originally with the pet name "Camping Idle" is this concept for an idle game I've had for at least 2 years now. It features a man out in the woods set with a relatively dark color scheme, at night, and with pixel-art. It's an idle game but you can either passively rather resources or actively do it. There's also 3 main resources of value: Supplies, Food, and Water.
          I had this concept since about 2 years ago as mentioned but I didn't really have the urge to finish all of the artwork for it until recently. I worked for about 2 weeks straight and got all of the artwork for it done minus the ending animation. I had also found a developer who was interested in working with me and we had our plans to have the game released by December 21st. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and yesterday he messaged me basically saying that he can't do the functions of the game (He only has a small amount of experience with actionscript).
          I had basically been placed with a big decision to make on what to do. Do I just cancel the project? Do I find a new developer and plan for a later release date? Do I find somebody quickly and still aim for the same release date? Well, I ended up messaging somebody who had originally said they were interested but I declined his offer initially. He replied and sure enough, he's still interested in working together. I sent him enough of the game details so he knows what he's getting into and hopefully after that we can get straight into work. The really good news is that he says he can probably get it done in a week, and if that's the case I'll still pretty much hit my initial planned deadline.
          That's where the project stands as of right now. The faster we get in contact and I fully explain the game to him the faster he can start working and the higher the odds are of us getting this done. The only thing that kind of sucks is that I still dont know when I'm actually going to get the ending done since I'm pretty busy this week. In any case- I hope he really is able to get this done in a week. That would be AMAZINGGGG.

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