Monday, December 16, 2013

What are the odds....

         You think you have a solid plan for a game and then... what? Somebody comes out with a game with similar ideas to yours, of course. I suppose great minds think alike, but did it HAVE to be a week before I release my game? Really?
          For anyone who's really confused right now, the game is I'm referring to is Idle Farmer. It's a pixel-art idle game that involves a mix of passive and active participation, but the developer leans toward you actively participating. It has funky music and three main stats- money, skill, and exp. Granted, my game has more 8-bit-like pixel art, but still... Whyyyyyyyy but this game be so damn close to my game.
          A good portion of my selection for when to release my game is that it would be enough time for the hype of Idle Mine to totally die out. I mean, this game isn't really getting a lot of hype seeing as it only has a 3.48 rating, but still. I really didn't want to have to be worrying about competition of the same game genre for the date of my release. I suppose this just gives me an incentive to make the game the best I possibly can. :)
          I don't think I posted a follow-up on this, but I did end up finding and picking a developer to work with, and let me say that he works FAST. The game is already technically playable (as an early alpha version) and it's only been... 4 hours? This guy is on point with getting this game done by our deadline. At this rate we might have an extra day to just make tweaks and test the crap out of this game, which I'm pretty happy about. Honestly, I'm the one slacking now because I still have to animate the ending cutscene... Bah.

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